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Family and divorce law

Marriage and family law regulates the legal relationships of married couples as well as parents and children. The jurisprudence of the courts changes at a rapid pace in these areas due to changes in society. Due to current legal revisions in the areas of joint custody and child support, there is a need for clarification and advice both in the case of a current separation and in the case of divorce proceedings that have already been concluded.

Would you like to have your divorce decree or alimony contribution modified due to a reduction in income (e.g. unemployment, accident, etc.)?

Would you like to know whether the maintenance for your child will increase or decrease after the revision of the maintenance law (childcare maintenance)?

Have you been summoned to a matrimonial or divorce hearing, or to a hearing concerning modification of the divorce decree, and would like prior advice or representation in court?

Are you facing a divorce and you do not know what financial consequences (prenuptial agreement, property settlement, allocation of the apartment, divorce costs) await you?

You would like to know whether you should prefer a separation or a divorce? You have questions about matrimonial property law and want to get the best for yourself?

With our broad experience in these matters, we will be happy to advise you quickly, comprehensibly, and in an uncomplicated manner, and to stand up for your legal interests in what can sometimes be an emotionally difficult subject.

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