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Advokatur Agyer

Splügenstrasse 8
8002 Zürich

Tel.  +41 43 817 66 22

Fax  +41 43 817 66 30


Postal Address

Advokatur Agyer
Postfach 1889
8027 Zürich

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The law office is located in the center of Zurich, integrated into an office community with Anwaltskanzlei Keller. The central location ensures optimal accessibility by public and private means of transport.

Public transport:
The office is located three minutes walk from "Bahnhof Enge" or "Bahnhof Enge / Bederstrasse" (train station and tram stops). You can arrive by train or by tram (number 5/6/7/13 and 17). Further information on arrival can be found at and

Private transport:
In front of the office on the Splügenstrasse and in the side streets there are white (2 h) parking lots in sufficient numbers. If you want to create your personal route using the route planner, click here.

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