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I need a lawyer, how should I proceed?

Contact us by phone or email for an appointment. As a second step, a one-hour meeting is held. At this meeting, your questions will be answered and a strategy for solving your problem will be determined with the information and documents you have submitted. At the meeting, you will also be informed about the lawyer and court fees, and about the possibility of a free trial if your financial situation does not allow it.

What are the fees and payment terms?

Our services are generally billed on the basis of an agreed rate based on the time spent in litigation. The hourly rate depends on the financial value of the case, its difficulty and the experience of the lawyer handling the case. The final invoice is paid after the end of the case or consultation. In long-term and particularly complex cases, partial invoicing is carried out on a regular basis. Please do not hesitate to let us know your payment preferences according to your personal situation. When companies and individuals need long-term consultancy, they can request legal consultancy services for a pre-agreed monthly or annual fee. 

What is the free trial?

The free trial (unentgeltliche Rechtspflege) provides that people with little or no financial resources can benefit from the rule of law and, in this sense, people can be equal before the law. If you do not have sufficient financial means to pay for litigation and attorney's fees, our office will apply to the competent court or administrative authority for free trial in your case. In this case, court and attorney's fees are covered by the court.

How can I get a free trial?

The first condition for the state to cover the fees is that the case can be legally won. For divorce and separation cases, this condition is always no problem and divorce or separation cases are subject to free judgment unless your financial situation allows it. After the first meeting for contractual problems (work, rent, etc.) and other legal problems, you will be informed about the viability of the case. The second condition is that your financial situation does not allow you to pay the fees out of your own pocket. If your salary is barely enough to cover living expenses and you do not have assets the courts will generally give you a free trial.

This possibility applies to both civil and criminal cases. If the investigation conducted by the public prosecutor's office against you constitutes not only a minor charge, the costs of the lawyer, the costs of the investigation before the public prosecutor's office and a possible prosecution will be covered by the state, provided that your financial situation does not allow this.

What is legal protection insurance? 

If your legal protection insurance (Rechtsschutzversicherung) includes free choice of lawyers and covers the legal problem you are in, there is a possibility that the litigation will be financed by the insurance. In this case, a timely written confirmation of payment of the fee by the insurance company helps to clarify the problem of financing.

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